OSB Construction Law Section Executive Committee

Participation in the Executive Committee is driven by a nomination process. The Nominating Committee appointed by the Executive Committee provides at least one nomination for all Executive Committee positions up for election who are then elected by the Section members. In making determinations nominations the Nominating Committee uses the following criteria in evaluating the nominees:

  1. Nominees reflect the diversity of the Section membership, the Oregon State Bar and community at large;
  2. Participation in meetings (any Section member can attend Executive Committee meetings);
  3. Write one article per year for the Section newsletter;
  4. Assuming responsibility for at least one other task for the section.
  5. In short, the Nominating Committee looks for persons that reflect the diversity of the Oregon State Bar and actively participate in the Section. Or, even briefer… persons that get involved! If you have any questions about the nomination process, please contact the Nominating Committee chair who is the immediate Past Chair.

Monahan, Justin     Chairperson
Mr. Lutkavage-Dvorscak, Jakob     Past Chair
Ms. Holmberg, Stephanie Corey    Treasurer
Mr. White, Van M    Secretary
Ms. Town, Alix K    Member
Mr. Baldwin-Sayre, Nick     Member
Mr. O'Halloran, Bob L    Member
Mr. Cauble, Christopher     BOG Contact
Ms. Bennett, Angela W    Bar Liaison
Mr. Juhren, Matthew     Member
Mr. MacKendrick, Andrew     Member
Mr. Nicholas, Mario R    Member
Ms. Hager, Laurie R    Member
Ms. Graves, Elizabeth A    Member
Ms. Johnson, Katie Jo    Member
Mr. Naito, Alexander Max    Member
Mrs. Kuchulis, Vanessa Triplett    Member
Mr. Fig, William G    Advisory Member
Mr. Welch, Curtis A    Advisory Member
Ms. Miller, Emily Sarah    Advisory Member
Mr. Chaney, James A    Advisory Member
Ms. Martinson, Stacey A    Chair-Elect
Mr. Zahniser, Jacob A    Chair-Elect